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An examination of articles published on preschool education in Turkey

This study aims to examine articles published in Turkey on Preschool Education both in terms of subject and method. Sample of the study based on document analysis in qualitative method consists of seven Turkey-based journals indexed in SSCI (Social Science Citation Index) and 10 journals indexed in Turkish Academic Network and Information Center (ULAKBIM). Descriptive statistics related to selected articles were first provided and then evaluations made through criteria form developed according to "Criteria for Evaluating Studies in Social Sciences" that Kircaali-Iftar edited from Gay and Airasian were provided. Among the journals examined are "Educational Sciences: Theory & Practice" and "Elementary Education Online" journals in which most articles on preschool education were published. Journals examined were classified into five categories based on their subjects. Most of the studies in the selected articles focused on "education in preschool education grade". Among these articles, articles focusing on "language teaching, games and science teaching" were examined. Most of the studies were descriptive studies. Questionnaires/scales, interview forms and tests were used as data collection tools and parametric analyses were used in data analysis. There is not any problem in reporting aims, results and suggestions parts of the studies, however, there are serious problems in model, population, sample, reliability and validity and data analysis of the studies examined and there is not any information related to representation rate of sample in the population. Also, while there is information regarding the reliability, there is not sufficient information on validity of studies. (author abstract)
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Literature Review

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