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Supporting Evidence Building in Child Welfare

The overall purpose of this task order is to support the Office of Planning, Research and Evaluation (OPRE) and the Children's Bureau (CB) within the Administration for Children and Families (ACF) in increasing the number of evidence-supported interventions for the child welfare population by conducting rigorous evaluations and supporting the field in moving toward rigorous evaluations. The project will focus initially on interventions that have been fully implemented previously in at least one setting, undergone formative testing, and have shown some significant impacts through summative evaluation, rather than those that are in earlier stages of development and testing. Key project tasks include identification of priority areas and interventions ripe for moving to the next level of evidence; review of existing evidence and feasibility issues; rigorous impact evaluations of interventions (implementation of which will not be funded under this task order); and consultation around complex evaluation designs or statistical methods relevant for testing interventions in one or more sites. The results of the evaluations will be disseminated to meet the needs of ACF, CB, policy makers, practitioners, and other key stakeholders. They will also be published in peer-reviewed journals, for inclusion in appropriate evidence reviews.
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Administration for Children and Families/OPRE Projects
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