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Comparison of preschool education system in Turkey with the UN's five permanent member states

In this study, pre-school education systems in the five permanent member states of the UN, United States, Russia, China, the United Kingdom (UK) and France, were analyzed and compared with the pre-school education system in Turkey in various ways. In the research, one of the qualitative analysis methods, the document review method was used. The data obtained reached during the research process were considered and evaluated within the framework of the horizontal approach used mostly in comparative education studies. Web pages, books, journals, scientific papers and theses of these six countries covered in the scope of the research were examined and scanned. The five permanent countries of the UN, Russia, China, England, and France, were found to have a ministry responsible for the administration of education, while the United States did not have a ministry responsible for the administration of education. We can see that pre-school education isn’t compulsory in the five permanent countries of the UN and while there are entered data in different years that can be found in the literature between these countries; it was determined that France had the highest rate of schooling in preschool education with 82% of children aged 2-5 and 98% of children aged 6, then comes the UK with the second-highest rate of schooling in 3-5 years with 94%, then Russia with 81% in 3-5 years, the USA with 67% in 3-5 years and then China was found to be the lowest country with a schooling rate of 30% in preschool education. (author abstract)
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United States; Turkey; Russia; United Kingdom; France; China

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