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Explore our collection of gray research literature (e.g., publicly available reports and briefs published by government agencies, and for-profit and nonprofit organizations), peer-reviewed journal articles, survey instruments, webinars, and descriptions of projects funded by the Office of Planning, Research, and Evaluation. Learn more about the scope of our collection.

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Fung Nickie, Conroy Kara, Brown Elizabeth, Harding Jessica F., Holdbrook Jeanette, Rankin Max, Roemer Grace, June 2021
Fact Sheets & Briefs

Grantees faced challenges in their efforts to create and sustain systems change. Connecting the child care and workforce development systems required establishing new partnerships and progress sometimes stalled due to organizational change and…

Fung Nickie, Harding Jessica F., Brown Elizabeth, Conroy Kara, Holdbrook Jeanette, Roemer Grace, Rankin Max, June 2021
Fact Sheets & Briefs

SWFI grantees worked toward the overarching goal of removing child care barriers faced by working families in need of training by facilitating parents’ access to child care and child care subsidies. Addressing child care needs is crucial in…

Workman Simon, June 2021
Reports & Papers

In 2018, the Center for American Progress developed an interactive cost estimation tool to illustrate the economics of child care, estimate the true cost of child care in each state, and better understand why high-quality child care is out of…

Ullrich Rebecca, Schmit Stephanie, Cosse Ruth, April, 2019
Reports & Papers
This brief examines children's access to CCDBG-funded child care in states by race and ethnicity using publicly available data from fiscal year (FY) 2016, building upon CLASP's previous Disparate Access research. (author abstract)
University of Florida. Anita Zucker Center for Excellence in Early Childhood Studies, University of Florida. Family Data Center, 2019
Reports & Papers
1. How many children are being served by X program? 2. What is the number of children awaiting services in X program? 3. Among children eligible for X service, what percentage participate? 4. Does service participation vary by geography? 5. Do…
Malik Rasheed, Hamm Katie, Schochet Leila, Novoa Cristina, Workman Simon, Jessen-Howard Steven, December, 2018
Reports & Papers
To better understand the U.S. supply of licensed child care and national trends in families' proximity to child care, the Center for American Progress analyzed the geographic locations of licensed child care facilities, including centers and family…
Workman Simon, Jessen-Howard Steven, November, 2018
Reports & Papers
Using data from the Center for American Progress' "Where Does Your Child Care Dollar Go?" tool and new analysis that estimates the cost of home-based family child care, this report looks at this "giant math equation" specifically as it relates to…
Fraga Lynette M., Dobbins Dionne R., Haynie Kristina, Tercha Jessica, Bump Jen, Norton Maggie, Scott Krista, Rose-Malm Jessica, Springfield Jasmin, Stewart Jacob, 2018
Reports & Papers
As in previous years, we report on a variety of data related to the cost and affordability of child care. We provide statistics on the average cost of care for each state and the percent of median income married and single parents pay for child care…
Malik Rasheed, Hamm Katie, August, 2017
Reports & Papers
Based on data on licensed or registered child care providers in twenty-two states, this study of child care deserts discusses findings in relation to rural, suburban, and urban locations; race and ethnicity; and maternal labor force participation.…
Augenblick, Palaich & Associates (APA Consulting), April, 2017
Reports & Papers
The purpose of this study was to determine the cost to ensure that three- and four-year olds in southwest Florida are prepared for kindergarten. Augenblick, Palaich, and Associates (APA), an education consulting firm with expertise in both costing…
Liebman Amy K., Simmons Juliana, Salzwedel Marsha, Tovar-Aguilar Antonio, Lee Barbara C., 2017
Reports & Papers
Peer Reviewed
Access to safe, off-farm childcare is often a challenge for farmworkers with young children and is likely to become an increasingly salient barrier as more agricultural workers migrate together with families and as the number of women entering the…
Fraga Lynette M., Dobbins Dionne R., Draper Fitzgerald, McCready Michelle, 2017
Reports & Papers
This edition of Parents and the High Cost of Child Care: 2017 is a slimmer, more cost-focused report than in previous years. As we continue to dive into child care costs around the country and to explore the true cost of child care, we know that one…
Walker Christina, Schmit Stephanie, December, 2016
Reports & Papers
A recent CLASP analysis found that access to child care subsidies is sharply limited for all eligible children, but even more so for particular racial and ethnic groups and in particular states. A striking finding is that eligible Latino children…
Dobbins Dionne R., Tercha Jessica, McCready Michelle, Liu Anita, September, 2016
Reports & Papers
This white paper explores the concepts of child care supply and demand from both the perspectives of 1) parental choices and decisions made related to finding quality child care, and 2) state- and community-level approaches to documenting and…
Adams Gina, Derrick-Mills Teresa, Heller Caroline, September, 2016
Reports & Papers
This report presents findings from a review of 17 programs and initiatives working to meet the child care needs of low-income parents seeking education and training. It highlights common strategies these organizations have implemented to meet the…