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Workman Simon, June 2021
Reports & Papers

In 2018, the Center for American Progress developed an interactive cost estimation tool to illustrate the economics of child care, estimate the true cost of child care in each state, and better understand why high-quality child care is out of…

United States. Office of Child Care, January, 2021
Reports & Papers
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Administration for Children and Families (ACF) focuses on finding innovative solutions to improve working families’ access to affordable, high-quality child care. ACF also investigates how…
Smith Linda K., Bagley Anubhav, Wolters Benjamin, October, 2020
Reports & Papers
This report, accompanied by an interactive map, describes BPC's mapping methodology, insights gleaned from the data collection process that states can use to optimize the ways they collect supply data, and national findings on the gap in child care…
Sirinides Philip, Collins Gregory J., August, 2020
Reports & Papers
The purpose of this study is to estimate the economic cost of child care in Pennsylvania using detailed site-level resource data from a larger, representative sample of providers, and to explore the relationship between cost and key provider…
Pennsylvania State University. Institute of State and Regional Affairs, August, 2020
Reports & Papers
In partnership with the Pennsylvania Office of Child Development and Early Learning (OCDEL) and the PA Key, the Institute of State and Regional Affairs (ISRA) at Penn State Harrisburg conducted a study initially designed to answer four questions: 1…
U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry, Pennsylvania Early Learning Investment Commission, 2020
Reports & Papers
In this study we looked at the causes of childcare challenges as well as motivations behind why parents select various childcare providers. Knowing many employers want to facilitate more access to childcare but do not know where to begin, we sought…
Sosinsky Laura Stout, 2020
Fact Sheets & Briefs

This brief examines the “supply and demand” of child care when young children’s parents work nonstandard or unpredictable schedules. How many families need nonstandard- or irregular-hour child care, and why? How many child care providers supply…

Pennsylvania. Office of Child Development and Early Learning, 2020
Reports & Papers
In August 2019, OCDEL staff developed a plan for the upcoming MRS. A series of meetings were held to determine the best course of action for administering the survey, and communicating with the field of child care providers. Like the 2016 MRS, staff…
Jones Damon, Bierman Karen L., Crowley D. Max, Welsh Janet A., Gest Julia, December, 2019
Reports & Papers
Peer Reviewed
Early childhood education (ECE) interventions hold great promise for not only improving lives but also for potentially producing an economic return on investment linked to key outcomes from program effectiveness. Assessment of economic impact relies…
Sloane Kelly, Fontana Jason, Shaw-Amoah Anna, Lapp David, Turner Alyn, June, 2019
Reports & Papers
As the number of jobs that require non-traditional work schedules (evenings, weekends, and overnight) increases, families' need for child care during non-traditional hours has also grown. Yet little is known about the availability of non-traditional…
Ullrich Rebecca, Schmit Stephanie, Cosse Ruth, April, 2019
Reports & Papers
This brief examines children's access to CCDBG-funded child care in states by race and ethnicity using publicly available data from fiscal year (FY) 2016, building upon CLASP's previous Disparate Access research. (author abstract)
Public Health Management Corporation, February, 2019
Reports & Papers
PHMC, Reinvestment Fund, and CoMetrics partnered to develop the ECE Fiscal Hub in 2017. This pilot project focused on creating financial tools and resources for providers to improve their financial stability and increase access to providers’…
Pennsylvania. Office of Child Development and Early Learning, January, 2019
Reports & Papers
In order to support governmental transparency and sound programmatic decisions regarding the administration of early care and education programs, the Office of Child Development and Early Learning (OCDEL) annually compiles its Program Reach and Risk…
Malik Rasheed, Hamm Katie, Schochet Leila, Novoa Cristina, Workman Simon, Jessen-Howard Steven, December, 2018
Reports & Papers
To better understand the U.S. supply of licensed child care and national trends in families' proximity to child care, the Center for American Progress analyzed the geographic locations of licensed child care facilities, including centers and family…
Workman Simon, Jessen-Howard Steven, November, 2018
Reports & Papers
Using data from the Center for American Progress' "Where Does Your Child Care Dollar Go?" tool and new analysis that estimates the cost of home-based family child care, this report looks at this "giant math equation" specifically as it relates to…