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Explore our collection of gray research literature (e.g., publicly available reports and briefs published by government agencies, and for-profit and nonprofit organizations), peer-reviewed journal articles, survey instruments, webinars, and descriptions of projects funded by the Office of Planning, Research, and Evaluation. Learn more about the scope of our collection.

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United States. Department of the Treasury, September 2021

This is an outline of problems and description of fundamental economic principles faced by the child care sector in the United States. It is part of the discussion surrounding President Biden's Build Back Better Agenda proposals. Included in the…

Ackerman Debra J., July 2021

The report is organized into five sections. Section 1 provides an overview of how child care quality is conceptualized, as well as the link between high-quality programmatic inputs and a provider’s operating costs. Section 2 explores research…

Anderson Theresa, Popkin Susan J., McDaniel Marla, Coffey Amelia, Gold Amanda, Spauster Patrick, Gwam Peace, Gaddy Marcus, Okoli Adaeze, May 2021

This report describes the FCCC vision, the approach to the evaluation, and what FCCC looked like in practice, including an estimation of costs in the three communities. In final reflections on the effort, we ask if the community grantees…

Gold Amanda, Gwam Peace, Anderson Theresa, Gaddy Marcus, May 2021

These appendixes (C, D, and E) for "The costs of coordinating two-generation programs: Estimated labor costs of family services and cross-generation coordination for two-generation partnerships in Buffalo, Columbus, and San Antonio" include study…

Regional Educational Laboratory Northeast & Islands, February 2021

This document includes the literature review, methods, and supporting analyses for "Characteristics of approved universal prekindergarten programs in Vermont in 2018/19."

Opportunities Exchange, January, 2021
The Kentucky Family Child Care Cost Model was created by Opportunities Exchange while conducting research and analysis for the report Staffed Family Child Care Networks: An Opportunity to Reimagine the Kentucky Child Care Landscape. The report, and…
Karoly Lynn A., Cannon Jill S., Gomez Celia J., Whitaker Anamarie A., 2021

The objective of the study was to estimate the cost per child of a high-quality publicly funded pre-K program in the United States at the state or district level, accounting for cost at the provider level and at the system level (e.g., school…

Burwick Andrew, Davis Elizabeth E., Karoly Lynn A., Schulte Theresa, Tout Kathryn, November, 2020
The goals of this paper are twofold. First, the paper provides basic background information about the structure of child care costs and revenues and clearly shows how the pandemic and associated changes in regulations and demand have affected them.…
Workman Simon, Brady Mathew, 03 September, 2020

This resource is an interactive online tool with individual state information. Users are able to select a state and then create cost of care estimates for coronavirus or pre-coronavirus scenarios that depict data on child care centers, family…

Child Care Aware of America, September, 2020
These appendices provide data related to the main report: child care market rates for center-based and family child care, by child's age and by state.
Stoney Louise, September, 2020
This is a critique of the market rate methods used to calculate subsidies paid to child care providers. It identifies seven problematic assumptions that have become obstacles to equity of family access and the success of child care businesses.
Carson Jessica A., Mattingly Marybeth J., 24 August, 2020
As pandemic-related strains to the child care system unfold atop this shaky foundation, we outline existing and new challenges, and we highlight possibilities for repairing the broken systems caring for our nation's youngest children. (author…
Washington (State). Department of Commerce. Child Care Collaborative Task Force, ICF, 01 July, 2020
This chapter, found within a much longer report, compiles and outlines the findings of several researchers who have identified changes to Washington State's child care market during the COVID-19 pandemic. All findings are from the perspective of…
Lopez Michael, Grindal Todd, Q3 2020
Peer Reviewed
This special issue of Early Childhood Research Quarterly examines early care and education program participation among Hispanic families in terms of access, utilization, and developmental outcomes.
Wisconsin Policy Forum, July, 2020
COVID-19 health concerns and restrictions have produced considerable turmoil in Wisconsin's child care sector, which will play a critical role in efforts to fully re-open the state's economy. Financial losses and the potential permanent closure of…